About Us

The Corporate Housing Alliance (CHA) is an alliance of companies who provide extended-stay accommodation and relocation services to corporate clients in Ireland and play an integral role in facilitating FDI here. We are comprised of eight relocation and corporate care providers operating in Ireland. The Alliance works to ensure that the corporate letting sector is represented and involved in Government discussions regarding the implementation of short-term letting legislation, should it apply to this sector. We will endeavor to ensure that any legislation seeking to regulate short-term letting will not have any negative impact on our customers or our ability to do business.



Short Term Letting Regulations

  • The recent growth in the short-term letting sector has given rise to calls for greater regulation of entities providing short-term accommodation in Ireland, outside the traditional hotel and B&B environment. In as far as this exercise would only apply to short-term tourism related lets, we would support this initiative. The result of the growth of this short-term tourism accommodation has been the establishment of an inter-departmental working group on short-term letting by Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy and a public consultation on how best to regulate this sector is expected shortly.

  • Unless excluded from the Government’s bid to regulate short-term tourism related lets, the extended-stay accommodation sector will be decimated. Our sector plays an important role in providing a positive environment for both indigenous businesses and FDI in Ireland.

  • We support the regulation of short-term letting in as far as it will address the need to regulate the overall tourism-related lettings only. In order to regulate the overall sector effectively, it is important that due consideration be given to the different business models that operate in the sector. A blunt instrument which regulates all ‘short-term’ lettings in the same manner is unnecessary and would fail to recognise both the complexity of this sector and the existence of a corporate extended-stay accommodation sector.



Our Clients


  • Our clients are not tourists, corporate guests act and behave like typical residents, going to work every day, shopping in the local supermarkets and socializing in the community. Corporate extended-stay accommodation is by its very nature the principle private residence of the corporate tenant. Should our sector be regulated as part of this exercise, a specific regime should be put in place for corporate extended-stay lets.

  • A typical extended-stay resident could be anyone from an accountant on secondment in a business in Dublin from an international office, a US employee from a large platform like Twitter working temporarily the Dublin office, to a family who need to stay in alternative accommodation while their house is renovated or uninhabitable due to a fire or a flood.

  • By way of example, our clients range from professionals, interns, patients whose primary residence is too far from a hospital to film production crews on location. Our sector plays an important role in providing extended accommodation to large international corporate clients with EMEA headquarters in Dublin like Facebook or Google who rely on our services for their international employees. We assist with the integration of those moving to Ireland from these companies by providing temporary apartments to international employees moving to Ireland and in search of long-term residences